Design Team

Johnson Controls

Technology, Connectivity and Security

Johnson Controls in association with the SALDCO team, has been asked to develop and deliver a world-class technology that will enable their Bahamas Luxury Destination, Kakona, to be truly one of the smartest, safest, and most sustainable developments in the world.  The team will be designing a robust information technology network that will securely support all smart equipment, systems, and sensors in real-time. Whether our guests and owners are in their private residences, shopping areas, playing golf, on their yacht in the Kakona Harbor or somewhere within the 800 acres that is the beautiful properties of Kakona, technology will be there to support them. From wireless internet connectivity, cellular services, electronic security, way-finding technology, smart-home environmental control, audio-visual experiences, access controls, concierge services, and many other technologies, all will be readily available on all smart devices.  

Johnson Controls is the world leader in making the Internet of Things (IoT) a game changing reality for its clients.  Now, as part of this team, Johnson Controls is bringing its expertise and exposure to technology to Kakona. This partnership will leverage the knowledge and technology advancements in IoT smart equipment, sensors, and systems gained by Johnson Controls in some of the largest projects across all continents around the globe—and bring it all here to Kakona.

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