High Bank Bay



Golf Resort & Residences


High Bank Bay overlooks unobstructed views of the Atlantic Ocean and sits atop some of the more elevated land in South Abaco. Private residential homes line the various layers of the 18-hole golf course while the Southern-most corner contains the Resort and Spa.

Resort Villas hug the coastline to take full advantage of the pristine beach and dramatic, rocky terrain. Moving into the site, luxurious guest cottages embrace the hillside ending with a crescendo at the The Grand Ana Resort and Spa.

One of the unique features of High Bank Bay at Kakona, is its strategic alliance with Alive4Health, in its state of the art Longevity & Wellness Center. Utilizing the natural landforms, the Clinic burrows into the hillside while the Longevity Center Spa positions itself along the hilltop. This creates a cozy environment for wellness, relaxation and calmness to aid in the clients well-being through private patios, intimate courtyards and lush gardens. Guests move at ease, with freedom from interference throughout their stay within a private gated setting.

The liveliness in the architectural forms provokes a unique atmosphere for the guests to engage . Utilizing the topography, the architecture takes on a tree-house like approach, with cantilevered porches and extended roof forms. The selected materials convey a rich texture and tone, through layered stone facades and wrap around wooden pergolas. The expressive architecture and the elevated topography of High Bank Bay at Kakona create a destination for all to enjoy.

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