A Luxury Community Focused On Your Life, Your Legacy.




In the ancient language of the Lucayan Indians, the original inhabitants of Abaco, “Seneca Kakona” means “Many Blessings.” This phrase fully captures the feeling of Kakona, from the natural beauty of the Bahamas to a renewed sense of wellbeing and a life well lived.



A Bahamas Luxury Destination


Kakona is poised to become a one-of-a-kind oasis focused on luxury, longevity and legacy. Although many developments offer impressive features, Kakona boasts natural amenities that are unequalled — 22,000 acres of breathtaking Bahamas National Park land surround Kakona, over 10 miles of white sand beach for peaceful morning strolls, the Abaco Parrot and evening reflections on what was and what is to be.

As we bring Kakona to life in South Abaco, we invite you to experience the many blessings that await you. Your private and secure estate, endless unspoiled beaches, a premier golf course, a trio of boutique hotels, ocean-to-table cuisine, world-class fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, the azure allure of the harbor and the innovative Longevity Center. They all conspire to deliver a story. Kakona will be a true tale of abundance, wellness and enduring perfection, waiting to be lived to the fullest by a discerning few.

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